Only The Best

My wife gave me the job of purchasing the furniture for our newest baby. She knows I am very particular about furniture, and when it comes to our newest addition in the family I will take no second bests! So before I even went to the store I went online and read about the reviews for every product we might need. I read up on the products people actually use, and those that sound like a good idea, but then never leave the box.

One of the products I was not sure about was the cradling swing. I have heard people talk about it, but in my head that was just a wasted expense to show you have money to spend. Now I am the person who will spend more money for the right product to last, and if it will help I will get it, but I am not one to spend money when it is not necessary. So I read heavily on this product. After careful consideration it seemed that the swing actually helped babies who had a hard time sleeping, and our lovely child does love to cry until someone picks her up. So the next step was to find the best brand and product from that brand.

After hours online and visiting a few stores, I settled on the top rated ingenuity cradling swing. This swing had the best return policy if anything was found faulty with it. However, every single review I found had nothing bad about it. It also had the most features to help the child stay asleep and comfortable.

I bought the swing after our baby was born to see if she would be fine sleeping on her own or not, and of course newborns have a hard time doing that. So I went to the store and purchased the ingenuity inlighten cradling swing and set it up. Within 10 minutes our daughter was asleep and stayed asleep for several hours. She loves the cradling swing, and I love the time it gives both myself and my wife while she is asleep. Time we would be spending walking around the house frustrated trying to get her to sleep is spent cleaning the house, or eating before she wakes up. I love our new cradling swing.